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            Ningbo Partner Powder Coatings Co.,Ltd
          Add::liansheng road,Binhai Venture Investment Center,yinzhou District,ningbo City

            1. Basic information

           Ningbo partner Powder Coatings Co., Ltd.is a professional production of powder coatings business ,it is located in the eastern part of the scenic --- Ningbo Yinzhou Binhai Investment Venture Center, , the company registered capital of RMB5 million, total investment of more than RMB40million . We have a professional team of development,production,quality control ,sales and customer services for powder coating. Most of the team members have the related experience for more than ten years.We have the capability to serve our customers from presales to after sales and support our custimers to solve the difficulties during production whenever needed.The company  has the advanced production equipment for powder coatings import a whole set of testing instruments, Epoxy-based production company, O-type / polyester, polyester-based, low temperature curing, and art-based, texture-based powder coatings such as greatly different users to meet customer demand for personalized products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification.production of the powder is widely used in home appliances, building materials, general industrial, automotive, IT and other related industries, with deep well by the general user.  Companies adhering to the "customer service, reporting to shareholders and harmonious development" purposes, the introduction of scientific management mode, continuing to expand domestic and international paint market intivitive, the company along the track of healthy development, so that customers, shareholders, employees, local government and other interests harmony, unity.

          Since eight years,company's existing powder coatings is more than a professional R & D, production, control, customer service and other personnel, to provide customers with after-sale from the sale of the water before the have service, in time to help customers solve the problem of the production process. .

          2.Development plan

           The manage proposed the development plan for 5 years in fueture since venture and proposed the objective of  science and technology for development.the title of National scientific and technological  enterprisecs paid in 2008,the company has been awared as Ningbo selected brand in 2009,  turnover reached 75milion sales in 2010 and billion RMB in 2011. To achieve the per capita GDP ever yuar 1.2milion before the company builded.The plan in 2012 has been achieved, the company is do it fofa solid pace and direction toward the future.

          We take the principles of "Serving Customers,Harmonious Development",and the development of navigation of"Line style of small businesses,adopt the  large corporations  image",Looking forward to achieve better results.



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          Add£ºliansheng road,Binhai Venture Investment Center,yinzhou District,ningbo City   Tel£º0574-83026621
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